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Facilities and Equipment

CNC Cutting Centers

CNC CO2 Lasers (3) - Sheet sizes up to 78” x 157” up to 0.78” thick

CNC Plasma Cutter - Sheet Sizes up to 76.5” x 300” up to 3.2” thick

CNC Punch Presses - Sheet Sizes up to 50” x 144” up to 0.125” thick

NC Control Hydraulic Shear – 12 foot bed

CNC Machining
CNC Plasma Cutter
Sheet sizes up to 76.5" x 300" and up to 3.2" thick
Trumpf Laser
NC Hydraulic Shear


WELDING - Full range of MIG, TIG, FLUX COR

SPOT WELDING -100 KVA 18" Throat, .25" Thick to .25" Thick

Materials include all Steel's, Stainless & Aluminum


CSI has multiple press brakes with capacities up to 175 tons, 16 feet long and 5 axis CNC controls.

Trumpf Brake


Our polishing department works with all materials and has an expertise in Stainless Steel Finishing.


CSI provides full assembly and packing of your parts and assemblies.

NC Large Throat Saws
Multiple large capacity digitally controlled saws with up to 24" diameter square cutting surface
Rolling - 8-ft. length capabilities
Time Saver
PEM Inserting - high volume automatic feeder
Paint – Our in house back draft paint booth allows for large parts and assemblies to be painted in a clean controlled environment. Our painters work with a full line of paints including water based acrylics, enamels, epoxies and urethanes.

Complete turnkey fabrication, including finishing, gasketing and all sub-assembly work. We offer our design expertise to reduce costs and improve products. You can e-mail your CAD drawings in .dwg or .dxf format to our sales department for a quote.

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